Arc Flash Study in 72 Hours


Arc Flash Study in 72 Hours

Customer service is a priority here at Teppics. So much that the team cranked out an Arc Flash Study in under 72 hours.

A partner of Teppics called with a big request. He faced a tight project schedule for brand new construction of an eco-friendly laundry provider in Albuquerque.  The client needed a full Arc Flash study done before he could move forward with development.

“There is a lot of moving parts when it comes to construction jobs.” says Brandon Toepper, founder of Teppics. “We understand that, and we do our best to accommodate our clients’ deadlines. In this case, I knew the team could come through for this partner, so we¬†redistributed the open projects to get it done.”

Thank you to the Teppics team for your dedication to excellent client satisfaction.

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