Teppics Engineering LCC (Teppics) provides MEP engineering design services for small, medium, and large projects

We were founded as an alternative to the big names in the MEP industry. Our competitors are large scale operations with large teams, but that comes with a large overhead. We recognize that small businesses have different need different engineering design services than their larger partners.

We support the client who only has 1500 sq ft and needs to get her tenant in. Teppics teams easily scale for the needs of the project, especially if it is smaller. Our overhead is lower, and thus, our fees can lower appropriately. We help “mom and pop shop” residential and commercial developers, and we intend to keep this focus even as our business grows.

Teppics engineers are committed to customer service excellence. We review each project for quality, and Teppics is well known for being flexible to our clients deadlines. (We once completed an Arc Flash study in 72 hours)

Our MEP engineering design services

Our services range from expert review to specialized design to comprehensive packages. Each project is custom-quoted for free, and is designed to meet the specific needs of the requesting firm. Below are the types of services we offer:

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