Expert Review

In addition to its MEP services, Teppics Engineering LCC’s (Teppics) staff also provides an Expert Review of your project. We can also coordinate a working relationship where your firm provides a majority of the design services work and we provide an expert involvement in our review with eventual PE stamped drawings.

What is an Expert Review?

An expert review is a quality review of a design professional’s drawing package and/or reports by a Professional Engineer. By having an independent party look at the drawings, it allows for calculations, design intent, and clarity of described scope to be peer reviewed. This ensures that during the cheapest portion of a project (engineering / design), that the scope is clarified and design intent corrected. Without expert review, it could be expensive to remedy an incorrect design as products are purchased and sometimes installed. This not only costs money, but hurts the delivery schedule and causes disciplines not involved in the error to potentially be affected by re-work.

Thus, expert review services pay for themselves.

What will you get after an expert review project?

An independently reviewed package where design professionals agree that the scope is clear, design is sound, and all is ready to be constructed. You can take comfort in that your project should have minimal ‘in the field’ changes. Also, your construction estimates should have competitive pricing as the amount of assumptions that a construction professional has to guess regarding the scope. These guesses can lead to costly change orders in the field.

What do you need to get started?

You can contact Teppics for a consultation of your design package. By providing your project’s “check set” of drawings at a particular level, such as 75% completion, we can provide you an estimate on the review for your construction package. The other way this process can be handled is by hiring Teppics from the start on a Time and Materials (TnM) basis where we continually check, verify, and provide comments to your main design professionals.