MEP Engineering Services for Office Buildings


MEP Engineering Services for Office Buildings

The most common client for Teppics is the landlord of an office building. Over the years, we’ve completed hundreds of drawings for office buildings, and we’ve come to understand the unique challenges of landlords as a result. Read on to better understand how we approach designs for this type of building.

Challenges of Engineering Design for Offices

On the surface, office buildings seem to be one of the easiest designs to produce. The layouts are fairly simple, and the loads for electrical and mechanical are not huge. In addition, coordinating the design between the stakeholders in construction and the components of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing is fairly smooth. However, we frequently encounter a couple of challenges:

  1. Each tenant has their own needs: Many office buildings split the space between several tenants, usually with each one renting one floor. Each one probably needs a server room, a break room, some combination of different sized conference rooms, outlets for each desk, etc. Although the contents of the floor are common, the size and configuration vary – especially if the tenant would like to “brand” the space. Thus, cookie cutter designs become custom for each division almost immediately.
  2. The landlord doesn’t have the documentation: Because the needs of an office building appear simple, the documentation is often missing. The complexity arises when a tenant moves out and the existing design needs editing. Because MEP designs must support the building as a whole, we usually need to incorporate a field tour to recapture this detail.

What seems like an easy, quick-win project for all parties is often not when it comes to engineering services for office buildings, but Teppics has been through it many times.

The Teppics Approach to Office MEP Design

With any design, our number one priority is safety. With each variation from the core design, we are potentially increasing the electrical and mechanical load on the building as a whole. We keep a close eye on these calculations, working with the client to accommodate as much as possible, and our transition to RevIT has certainly streamlined this complicated process.

We also ideally like to provide the full suite of MEP services where possible. We can deliver faster and more efficiently when all of the collaboration required is internal. Although we are happy to collaborate with other firms, the communication lag unfortunately adds time, effort, and potential for mistakes to the project.

Our second highest priority behind safety is customer satisfaction. We are proud to accommodate the unique needs of any client, whether that relates to the delivery timeline, complexity of the design, or some other factor. (Plus, you’ll notice if you read our reviews that we are often priced to provide more value for your dollar than our competition, AND we are always available beyond the typical 9-5.)

Case Study: Diversified Tooling Corp

We were contracted with a company that works on the design and manufacture of prototype and specialty machined parts. The original projected scope for this free standing building was a traditional “hot shell” combined with fully occupancy ready office space. This was a ½ and ½ project; 50% industrial machining equipment space and 50% office space.

The loads on the industrial side are well defined and require a significant electrical infrastructure as the company was moving from one location to another. The office space required both coordinated and segregated Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing. The space didn’t require much in the way of the natural gas feed.

Having all disciplines under the Teppics banner allowed Mechanical/Plumbing and Electrical to work in conjunction, allowing us to set a short turnaround time and stick to schedule with ease. With our transition to RevIT, we were able to use a hybrid approach: using AutoCAD for certain schedules and details, and RevIT for floor plan views and native schedules. This allows for the blending of the beauty of a RevIT database drawing and the universal functionality of AutoCAD.

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