Teppics Transitions to Revit


Teppics Transitions to Revit

Teppics is in the middle of a very exciting transition! We are introducing a new technology called Revit, which presents the same drawings utilizing 3D design. Instead of designing project spaces from a bird's eye view, like a traditional blueprint and CADD, Revit drawings are database driven and interactively linked. This means, making a change in an elevation view, revises all sections, plan views, detail views, and specialty plans that display that item which changed.

From CADD to Revit

Other than the ability to design everything more visually, Revit offers benefits in terms of team efficiency and output quality. The software includes a database that stores scales, specifications, and calculations. This allows one-time setup for jobs that might have multiple buildings allowing the project settings to replicate across all drawing packages. For example, an HVAC change might significantly alter the electrical design and if all aspects are linked, the calculations and connections update automatically. Revit software replicates the changes across the entire job, rather than forcing the engineer to manually find each instance. The software also can auto generate the Bill of Materials (BOM), which gives Teppics' clients insights into the total material to be utilized in their project. This gives more detailed information for contractors to more accurately estimate a project.

The result is less room for error, faster revisions, and overall higher quality work for the client.  Although Teppics still uses its existing QA process, the technology resolves most of the errors before QA.

Transition is not immediate. This type of change requires implementation & setup of the software, training of the team, and new production processes.  So far, Teppics has delivered one complete job with Revit, and two more are in progress.  Teppics Engineering prides itself on a quality package and has already incorporated the new quality control process for future projects. The team expects to continue upgrading the processes & output as they gain momentum from the rollout.

Revit Examples

Check out some examples of the finished product below.

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