Welcome, Hillary!


Welcome, Hillary!

Hillary Frazier EngineerMore team members are joining us here at Teppics! Hillary Frazier is our newest recruit. She is a designer/drafter from Georgia, joining us with a background in both Revit & Mechanical Engineering.

Teppics founder Brandon Toepper says, “I, personally, cannot wait to see how Hillary helps bring Teppics to the next level. Her positive attitude is infection, and her willingness to expand her skillset is a huge asset.”

Getting to know Hillary

Time for the Teppics questionnaire. Hillary tells us about her first job & who she’d invite to her talk show.

Teppics: Welcome to Teppics! What do you bring to the team?
Hillary: I bring a wide variety of experience from structural, hvac/mechanical to electrical.

T: What was your first job?
H: I worked for an interior design firm, focused on renovations and used “green” materials that are better for the environment.

T: If you could host a talk show, who would be your first guest?
H: My first guest would be Walt Disney. As a nineties kid, I grew up watching all of his movies and it would be amazing to meet the man who stimulated my imagination and led me to discover my love for travel!

Please join us in welcoming the newest Teppics team member!

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